The Name Anthrolope is made up of ‘Anthropos & Jackalope’ to emphasize our uniqueness
Anthropos (ἄνθρωπος) ánthrōpos –  Greek for human being or man
Jackalope – a mythical animal of North American & German folklore

: Mythical human being indulged in a sui generis festive atmosphere

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the ‘Artist’ and ‘Jackalope’ of the home design, accessories and event industry to provide one-of-a-kind art, jewelry, decoration or products to create individually personalized events and special decorations. Our mission is to enable customers to have unique individualized personal events and homes.
No more cookie cutter celebrations, no more mass production design, products, and jewelry.

Additionally, our purpose is to eliminate high volumes of plastic trash associated with most events and to use primarily environmental friendly materials, or resources and products from the vicinity to keep environmental damages as low as possible. Green the events!

Hi there! I’m Flavia the designer, artist, photographer, author and jack-of-all-trades for Anthrolope.
I love to create unique, individual and very special products and also love to search and find exceptional items created by other artists all around the world.

… and when I created my very unique products or found something unique:

I really love to share them with you on Etsy or on my website for sale or for rent.
So that you can create your own very special world and use it to decorate your amazing event. I also accept custom orders and create special products just for you, your event or your home.

So please browse through my website, find my one-of-a-kind artwork, and get in touch with me to fulfill your dream of a very unique and personal styled item or decoration for your home or special event at Flavia at Anthrolope and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!
Anthrolope is a division of
TransDomo, LLC in Charleston, SC

You can find more information about me and my publications on these webpages:
Flavia Westerwelle