Products For Sale

Our products offered for sale are divided into two different categories:


Products which are individually designed and handmade by me. These products can't be found anywhere else than on my Anthrolope website and are sold directly by me.

Since I design and create my own products, they are very special, absolutely unique and also can be individualized. Because of this uniqueness I will not sell my products in a regular shop or online store. To show my products publicly I might have exhibitions every once in a while and will announce them on my Social Media Pages.
If you would like to purchase my handmade products, designed and made by me, please get in touch with me! Please let me know your wishes, ask for a price or get a quote for a custom made product ! Thank you very much!  


Unique and handmade products which I found traveling and scouring the world.
They are mostly unique, handmade and very often altered, or up- / or recycled by me.
These products can be found in our own shop on our Anthrolope website.

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I also create custom designs for my clients according to their wishes. Whether you need a set of jewelry for your bridesmaids, a lamp for a specific event, or individually designed fabric matching your themed party, event or wedding I will design, create and make it for you.
In addition our imported products often can be individually altered, ordered in specific colors or imprinted with specific text for you individual event.
Please get in touch with me for more information!

I hope you will enjoy my collection of eclectic individually crafted products which are always handmade with love.
Cheers, Flavia

unique, hand made products